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Replika is a Canadian alloy wheel manufacturer offering high quality alloy wheels for the luxury vehicle market. 

Replika is owned and operated by parent company Fastco Canada, located in Vaudreuil-Dorion just outside of Montreal, Quebec.  Their 131,000 square foot facility is the central headquarters and main distribution center for Canada.

The brand was launched in 2005 to fill the need for good quality and competitively priced alloy wheels specifically designed for the original specifications of the vehicle.

All Replika alloy wheels are:

  • Certified to meet or exceed the internationally recognized JWL and VIA quality standards
  • Hub-centric for a direct fit on the vehicle's hub without the need for centering rings
  • Designed to use the vehicle’s original nuts or bolts with the correct seat configuration (radius, 60°, or flat)
  • Designed to meet or exceed the intended vehicle’s load rating requirements

Replika alloy wheels allow you to customize your vehicle while still keeping the appearance of the original wheels.  They come in different sizes and finishes that are frequently not available in the originals. 

To meet the specific demands of the Canadian market several models are optimized for the season in which they are being driven.  For example, larger diameter wheels with more sophisticated finishes are a great way to enhance the looks and performance of your luxury vehicle in the summer months, while smaller diameter wheels with corrosion resistant finishes are a perfect way to improve winter traction without sacrificing style.

Whether you’re looking to upsize for summer, downsize for winter, get that “sport package” look, or just change the color, Replika alloy wheels are the best choice for your luxury vehicle in Canada. 


Now more than ever Canadian automotive enthusiasts have several options when it comes to choosing alloy wheels for their ride.

So, why choose Fast Wheels?

It’s not only our vast selection of styles, finishes, and sizes, but what sets us apart is “commitment”.

We are committed to overseeing each step of a wheel’s existence.  From the moment it’s conceived on the computer screen to its birth in the casting machine, we monitor each step of the manufacturing process.  We see the wheel through a series of certification tests right down to the finishing and packaging making sure your wheels are constructed with the highest quality control standards in the industry.

Furthermore, the process we use to assure your wheel fitment is precise and that it meets all the necessary technical requirements for your vehicle is unparalleled.

We have developed proprietary software called FastFinder™ that is designed to guarantee proper wheel fitment for your vehicle.  To make this possible, we go out and measure over 300 vehicle parameters and compare them to their respective data points on our wheels.  To acquire this data, which is accurate to 8 microns, we use 3D digital mapping instrumentation.  This is something you would typically see in the aerospace industry.

When searching for wheels on our website rest assured that all of your vehicle data is processed through our FastFinder™ software to ensure that every wheel result meets the vehicle’s requirements for brake caliper clearance, offset, lug nut or bolt length, axle length, load capacity, and more, so every conceivable aspect of wheel fitment is considered.

Whether it is perfect fit, rigorous testing, engineered quality, or hot styling, make Fast your choice for quality alloy wheels in Canada.